Discussion Question #1

Discuss the sexual tension aspect of cross-sex friendships.

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  • It has been suggested that many cross-sex friendships have an element of sexual tension that interferes with the “friendship”
  • Do you believe this to be true?
  • Explain and support your response


  • 250 words or more
  • Accompanied by a citation (referenced at the end of your response posting)
  • All replies should be based on information derived from the texts or a professional, outside source (not Wikipedia)
  • Written according to APA format
  • Points will be given for proper grammar, spelling, organization, length, citations, content of the knowledge, reasoning, and APA citation and referencing
  • Discussion Question #2You must make a substantive and thoughtful initial post of 250 words or more
    In Shakespeare’s Othello, does Iago completely twist Othello’s character or are there signs that Othello was already prone to jealousy?