5 discussion questions related to child welfare

200 words min per discussion. References in APA.


  What are some of the problems involved with the provision of daycare in the United States today? What are some improvements that could be made? In your opinion, what would the perfect daycare system look like? How would it provide services for children to promote healthy development? What are some of the factors that cause an adult to abuse a child? What role does anger play in these situations? What about support systems (or lack thereof)? What are some of the myths associated with teen pregnancy? Why are these myths incorrect and what harm can they do? Under what circumstances do children leave foster care? Where might they go? What are the specific challenges for youths aging out of foster care? What is the role of the social worker in these situations? What are some of the specific challenges faced by children living in residential care centers? What is the role of the social worker in helping them overcome or manage these challenges?