a behavior analyst

While working on a letter acquisition program, a behavior analyst held up a flashcard with the letter “B” on it and said, “What’s this”?  The client answered, “B”!  The behavior analyst responded with, “fantastic! This is B!” and handed her a piece of candy.  During the next few trials, the behavior analyst held up the flashcard again and did not say anything. The client still answered, “B” and the behavior analyst excitedly shouted “that’s right!” and provided the client with another piece of candy.  What serves as the Sᴰ in this example?

What is a Behavior Analyst?

Behavior analysts design and implement therapy programs to help treat patients with mental, social, or learning disorders. They use ABA techniques such as positive reinforcement, shaping, prompt fading, and task analysis. They also collect data during sessions to evaluate behaviors and monitor progress. Behavior analysts often work with individuals [Order this paper]