alternative assignment methods analysis report

Check the attached file, it has all the requirements and materials needed to complete this question.

If you are unable or do not wish to complete the research participation requirement, you can complete one or more Methods Analysis Reports as an alternative assignment. In the Methods Analysis Report, you must analyze the research methodology of published empirical work. Each Methods Analysis Report is worth 2 credits (note, if you complete fewer than 4 credits of research participation, you can complete Methods Analysis Reports for your remaining credits). You will submit these reports to the Research Participation Report assignment on Canvas.

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For each Methods Analysis Report, you must read one of the available articles listed below and write a 2-page paper in APA format (double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, no direct quotes) including the following:

1) Summary of the study’s purpose

2) Summary of the methodology

3) Description of the type of methods used (descriptive, survey, correlational, experimental, pseudo-experimental, etc.)

4) Summary of the most important results of the study

5) Description of the real-world implications of the study

6) Description of how the article you read relates to something that you learned in one of your courses (it can be a current course, or one from previous semesters). Describe how the research in the article you read is similar to, or different from, something else that you learned.