an anthropological introduction to youtube

Watch his Ted Talk and respond to the questions on the attached worksheet. The video is

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“An anthropological introduction to YouTube”

Michael Wesch is an anthropologist who has studied the internet. The internet “launched” around 1989. What was the reason skeptics of the internet give for their belief the internet wouldn’t “take off” ?

What is the unique quality of the internet over let’s say TV?

Wesch argues that the internet is allowing a new form of expression, identity, and community to emerge, as he shows with the Numa Numa craze. Discuss this idea and this internet phenomenon.

Digital text is linking us in unpredictable ways urging us to rethink all things as Welsch documents in his work, The Machine is US” He states that Media is Mediating human relationships. What is Welschs view on the relationship between the internet and people?

Anthropologists challenge Welsch’s view that the internet is changing us rather they feel that it is us. What do you think this means?

Wesch explores what happens as individuals attempt their first Blogs, and the idea that they are now wearing a New Mask to a New Community in a very public “space” sharing reflections about themselves. What are your thoughts about this?

The distance of the media may actually really allow us to connect Allow new forms of self-understanding and he shows us the Free Hugs Movement. What does this movement tell us about people and the internet?

what does Welsch say about Drama and the internet?