Bio Discussion 7&8

You must have at least 4 meaningful sentences in the discussion.  Discussions must be in Microsoft Word and must be an original answer no plagiarism.  Primary Postings should include either a concise summary of information from the textbook or an analysis of the topic under study.  Please don’t use long quotations.  Please note within the text of your discussion posting where you got your information.  Outside research should be academic in nature and come from reputable peer reviewed sources.  You must include your references with your posting cited in APA style.  Discussion questions will be answered seperatley.

Discussion 7

Photosynthesis is an important process for plants, but is it also important for humans?  Based on the products of photosynthesis what do you consider to be the single major purpose of the process and why?

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Discussion 8

ATP has been called the energy currency of life.  That indicates most organisms on earth use ATP as their energy source.  What does this indicate about the origin of ATP and it’s biological importance?