BSHS 407 Week 2 Assignment – Scenario Analyses

Week 2 Scenario Analyses

The following scenarios present various cases related to child abuse and neglect. Evaluate each one and write a response to the corresponding questions.

Write a 350- to 500-word response to the question for each scenario.

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Read the following Practicums from Family Violence: Practicum on p. 101 in Ch. 4 “Emotional Neglect or Bad Parenting?” on p. 105 in Ch. 4

Answer the following: Determine if the scenarios constitute child neglect or bad parenting. What are the types of child neglect? What are some indicators of child neglect in these and other cases? As a human services professional, what are some misconceptions to consider when evaluating such cases?

Read the following Practicums from Family Violence: Practicum on p. 54 in Ch. 2 Practicum on p. 48 in Ch. 2

Answer the following: Based on the scenarios, do you think the mothers are responsible for their children’s physical abuse? Justify your answer. What are some indicators of physical child abuse in these and other cases? What are the long-term effects of physical abuse on a child and his or her family?

Read the following scenario:

You have been asked to work with a 12-year old girl who was tearful and reported that she was “touched” by her cousin during a sleepover last weekend. After some investigation and a physical examination, you find out that she was approached by her 16-year old cousin and fondled.

You report the case to law enforcement and the older cousin is charged with sexual abuse.

Answer the following questions: What could be some consequences of sexual abuse on the individual because of this event? What role should the family play in the healing process of a sexually abused victim? What could be sexual abuse indicators in cases where abuse is not evident?

Format your summaries consistent with APA guidelines.


1300 words in Total

1 source in APA format

Scored: 10/10