business communication 52

This is a scenario-based task. You want to start your own company. Plan and prepare its overall profile, organizational structure, mission and vision, products / services it will provide. How will you arrange for raw materials and finances?How will you ensure the success of your company in this competitive world?

Compile a report comprising the following information.

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– What did you set out to do?

A brief profile of the Company/Service:

– The name you have chosen for your Company/Service

– Design a catchy logo and a slogan for your Company/ Service

– When and where you want to start your Company/Service. Give reasons for your choice of place and date.

– Mission and vision of your Company/Service

– What exactly the Company/Service does

– What products or services are offered

– Why these products or services are compelling, e.g., “…. the only product that enables (solution) to (the problem) …”



  • How will the Company/Service be financed?
  • How will the funds be used, for e.g. – salaries, repairs and maintenance, local advertising, marketing, rent, internet and telephone, equipment’s etc.


  • Describe the goods/services your company will provide
  • What need does the product/service meet for customers
  • What is unique about the product/service? What is the competitive advantage? What differences, improvements and innovations are there in comparison to other products/services in the market?

Customer Demographics

Describe the company’s current and potential customers (age, gender, income, lifestyle, interests, number, geographical location, etc.).

Pricing Strategy

  • What pricing strategies/techniques will you use?
  • What are your prices? Include a list of prices.

Competition and Advantage

  • Name at least one your major competitor
  • Describe the competitor and what position does it have in the market (e.g. quality, services, price etc.)
  • Steps you will adopt to ensure the success of your company

Conclusion (your own reflections)

  • What did you learn from the experience?
  • Give suggestions, what an entrepreneur should consider before setting up new business.

Structure of the report:

  • Introduction
  • Discussion
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion and Recommendations

*** Word count: 1000 words

*** In-Text Citation and References using Harvard style

*** You can find inside this link a list of companies and choose one of them: