Business Research Methods

Business Research Methods

Political challenges and Opportunities of emerging Solar Energy industry in Ghana Installation rate of Solar System in Ghana Findings and Analysis Abstract This is a qualitative research paper examining the political challenges and opportunities of the emerging Solar Energy industry in Ghana.  Different literature papers were reviewed and results of the findings analyzed.  Clean Energy Introduction    With the rest of the world concerned about the sustainability of the environment the government of Ghana has been focused in making policies that creates a conducive environment for the investors that want to invest in renewable energy. This has been enhanced by Explicit Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) for is currently not well developed in terms of policy technology marketing equipment neither for institutions nor for industries and households (Timilsina Kurdgelashvili & Narbel 2012). References Ahiataku-Togobo W. and A. Ofosu-Ahenkorah (2009) “Bioenergy Policy Implementation in Ghana” COMPETE International Conference Lusaka. Asumadu-Sarkodie S. & Owusu P. A. (2016). A review of Ghana’s energy sector national energy statistics and policy framework. Cogent Engineering 3(1) 1155274. Eshun M. E. & Amoako-Tuffour J. (2016). A review of the trends in Ghana’s power sector. Energy Sustainability and Society 6(1) 9. Timilsina G. R. Kurdgelashvili L. & Narbel P. A. (2012). Solar energy: Markets economics and policies. Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 16(1) 449-465. []

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I am to create a research poster , i have attached instructions one to format and example of good poster styles. please i need it withing a day Topic Chosen : Political challenges and Oppurtunities of emerging Solar Energy industry in Ghana The aim Introduction and Abrsract : this should include the overall sumary of the poster and the abstracts Researh Objective : this involve the research questions and answers, Q&A on challenges such as Political barriers and opputunities such as Growth in GdP and local markets Literature Review: this involves citation of journals proving the facts of the research Methodology: qualitative or quatitative or both , mono or mutiples and brief explained witrh abstract Results/Findings refer to examples references

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