Cellular Respiration

Cellular Respiration (Due Feb. 28, 2021)
This assignment has to be handwritten. I prefer you to use a blank piece of paper for this. Then upload an image of that paper to this assignment link. It may take more than one piece of paper…
Start with a molecule of glucose, draw the molecule based on the number of carbon atoms present. Do not include any chemical bonds, just the carbon molecules.
Take the glucose molecule through the process of Glycolysis. Where in the cell does glycolysis occur? Include the number of ATP it takes to start glycolysis and how many ATP are made during glycolysis. Give the products of anaerobic metabolism and the product of glycolysis that enters the mitochondria to start the Krebs’s Cycle.
Take the molecule through the Krebs’s Cycle showing where CO2 is given off and where ATP is given off. How many times does the Krebs’s Cycle spin per molecule of glucose? Spin the cycle one time showing the name of the molecule that enters the cycle and how many carbon molecules it has and where CO2 is given off. Show the molecule it combines with and how many carbon molecules it is composed of. Tell what compound is made from the combination of those two compounds and how many carbon atoms are in it.
Tell how many ATP are made from the entire process of aerobic metabolism. Give the four by-products of metabolism.
Do three separate times beginning with a fresh glucose molecule each time