central repository and threat modeling formal language specification

Discussion 1

Central Repository and Threat Modeling” Please respond to the following:

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  • From the e-Activity, provide three examples of unintentional security threats and three examples of intentional security threats. Determine which of these examples puts an organization at a higher risk and explain why.
  • Propose three advantages and three disadvantages of using a central repository. Determine which advantages are the most important to an organization and which disadvantage is the most limiting to an organization.

this is the e-Activity http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBI8BOvP2l8&feature=relmfu.

Discussion 2

“Formal Language Specification” Please respond to the following:

  • Examine the syntax and semantics of Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) closely. Determine whether you find it easier or harder to read and understand than other formal modeling languages. Provide a rationale.
  • Differentiate between instance variables and state variables and provide examples of each. Determine which of the two types of variables could adversely impact a design if used improperly in a system and explain why.