Chemistry /3-4 pages/ APA Style


TextBook: The eText for Brown, LeMay, Bursten, Chemistry: The Central Science, 13th edition 

Please read carefully chapter 6 from your lecture text book to have broad insight on the writing assignment.  I would like for you  to use APA style format,


Ø Develop a three to five  pages document  that does not include the cover and the reference pages .  

Your written document should cover the following core points. 

Ø Erwin Schrödinger’s proposal  regarding the characteristics of electrons behavior, (What he meant by wave like behavior and Patrice like behaviors).

Ø Electromagnetic radiation (explain its propriety in terms of wave length (λ) and frequency (v). 

Ø  Explain how ground state  and excited state  of electrons differ ( provide examples that support your explanation) 

Ø  What are quantum numbers? Include definitions of orbital, shells, sub shells  and the meaning of the letters s, p d and f. 

Explain electron configuration of atoms, Hund’s rule and the significance of valance electrons . You are welcome to use additional sources other than your text book.