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After reading just follow the lesson plan attachment.

Subitizing for Fun! For this Activity you are tasked with coming up with 8 different activities you can do with children that reinforce the skill of subitizing with number from 0-5 (or higher if you prefer). I encourage you to search the internet for ideas and lessons and then follow the lesson plan located on the content portion of the course.

Another concept that is part of pattern recognition is subitizing. Let’s investigate the concept of Subitizing! It means instantly seeing how many.

Watch this video and note how many times you can easily recall the number.

This teacher produced a wonderful video that explains Subitizing and provides some early strategies to help reinforce this skill with children. Check is out.

Here’s another teacher produced video explaining this concept.

Here is a quick clip of a teacher assessing a child’s ability to subitize.…

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