CMGT 554 week 5 learning team

Learning Team: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital RFP

Resource: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization


More hospitals and businesses are turning towards the use of the Internet to provide information to both staff and customers. Fuller-Patton Community Hospital is very interested in being able to provide up-to-date and accurate information to staff, medical personnel, and patients. They would like to provide this service starting with web service for allowing patients to look up wellness information and for pharmacy refills. The hospital would also like to allow physicians to access patient information on mobile devices. There is a question of whether social networking should be included because of possible confidentiality concerns or possible misinformation that may be posted by customers or stakeholders.


Evaluate in 525 to 700 words and submit the role networking and mobile devices in patient care and the business operations of the hospital.


Include the following:

  Privacy and security considerations Return on investment possibilities Probable effects of social networking on patient care and business activities Effects of mobile computing on the hospital network considering network traffic and connectivity issues Delivery of services to customers and stakeholders using mobile devices Current information delivery trends that are likely to continue into the future