Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Survivor-Like Program.

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Survivor-Like Program. The families will have to support their own subsistence during free time. During activities, subsequent rewards and punishments per activity will be programmed. As the game progresses, challenges will be more physically demanding, mentally difficult, and psychologically stressful. This means, the basic necessities they will have to fend for themselves, to get rewards, they will have to strategize with their members, and they will have to harbor strength from the team for the psychological challenges – all as a family.

The twist in the program lies farther during the game where families will be eliminated until only three will remain. As these families struggle to compete for the top spot, members will also be eliminated thus weakening the team set-up. Temptations of luxury will be introduced while rewards will be greater and challenges will vary from easy but tricky to hard but fun.

The program is classified as suitable for general viewing. It is geared to be entertaining as well as educational. The content will go through major screening and evaluation for values it will instigate and amusement it will provide.

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The existing trend of television viewers highly rates reality shows as the most entertaining and educational. The various realism provides the public a kind of connection for the different situations that are universal among humans – pain, shame, competition, happiness, etc. Because these are the facets of social beings that appeal greatly towards the general public viewer, my reality show, called Survivor Family, can be quantified to hit big among various audiences and become successful.

The Survivor Family series will be hosted by top personalities who have established themselves as a well-balanced persona. By appealing to the audience with the grand and remote setting, it will highly attract their attention as they are interested and almost always on the lookout for what is new, what is strange, what is “exotic”, what is on the other part of the world, what is left to be explored, etc.