Compose a 1500 words assignment on business driven information systems

As the report discusses the University of La Verne is faced by a threat of new universities within California which are providing competitive programs. In addition, supplier power for educational and research material has become a threat to the brand identity of the university which ranked among the top institutions of higher education in California.

This paper declares that the University of La Verne is mandated to employ proper management and institutional strategies that will help it to overcome the threat of new entrants into the higher education sector and education service delivery. In addition the university must be sensitive to the power of the buyer who comprise of its students who purchase educational services. This would be achieved through affordable and high quality education which meets the needs of the students for competitive advantage. The threat of substitutes is a business challenge for competitive advantage. It is in this sense that the University of La Verne should employ proper business strategies such as marketing so that it can overcome the threat of other research centers. IT success within the University of La Verne’s can be measured in terms of its congruency with the goals and objectives of the institution. Effective adoption and implementation of information technology is must be in line with the goals and objectives of an organization or institution such as efficiency of operations and activities.

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