Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses sex change. &nbsp.

Create a 2 pages page paper that discusses sex change. &nbsp.The controversy that will surround the redefinition would be immense as it will restructure the deep-seated notion of morals and values of everyone. One can expect to see the interplay of religion, science, public opinion, psychology, and sociology.

The word “female” should be redefined because it is ambiguous, not inclusive, socially unresponsive and obsolete. The specific warrants together with the arguments that can be raised and the qualifiers that can be stated are the following:

There are cases where a “female”, with all the features and organs of a woman, was found to be biologically male. That is, they have XY chromosomes. There also cases where men were found to have XX chromosomes (Walter, 412). This only shows that even if organs and features were present, there exists a possibility that the person’s chromosomes are for the opposite sex.

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Argument: Even if there were extraordinary cases like this, the possibility of occurrence is minimal and does not warrant the change in definition.

Counter Argument: These cases were discovered through the use of technology. Who is to say how many times this have occurred when the technology was not yet available.

The Sex Change process and the use of estrogen pills have made the possibility of obtaining organs and features. Can we, therefore, say that the person is female What if that person undergoes sex change again Will we call him a male again The current definition really provides confusion and ambiguity.

Argument: Sex change only changes the genitals. It does not change the other organs of the body.

Counter Argument: The point is, the ambiguity exists and these can lead to legal, scientific and even political complications

Redefinition would finally enable many persons to reconcile their behavior with their biological makeup. They can establish their identity as they know what they are.

Argument: The definition would only provide further confusion for those who are establishing their identity

Counter Argument: The person is actually more confused with the current definition. The person cannot place his/her identity because he/she cannot satisfy the criteria of the current definition

Those discriminated against can now find social acceptance as the new definition will change the way the public views them (Cohen, 21).

Argument: Discrimination is not only founded on our existing notion of how a person should behave according to his physical make-up. There are also religion and other social factors.

Counter Argument: In fact, it is precisely founded on our pre-existing notions. Why are homosexuals discriminated against It’s because they cross-dress and perform sexual acts with persons of the same sex? From where did our notion of who should be our sexual partner come from Isn’t it from our pre-existing.&nbsp.