Create complex classes. Further practice with the DOT notation

Create complex classes. Further practice with the DOT notation. Deliverables, and as requested below. Contents Create an application that Creates 4 students Build upon the solutions of the previous labs (e.g., using and You will need a version of that has a working whatsup( ) method Creates a group First you have to design the new Java class called group A group has a name A group has 4 students Create a method in that displays the group name and the name of each student in the group in using the group variable (instance, object) in display information about what the third student in the group (retrieving information from the student class variables in the group, not from student variables in the app) is up to now (use the whatsUp() method). For instance: “John” is “doing Java” Pay attention, you have to use a the group variable (instance, object) in Something like System.out.println("the student is " + g1.______________); Suggestions: Start by creating a class called group with only one attribute, GROUP_NAME Make it work, using the app to display only the group name Then you think how to add the students to the group (this is tricky…, but that’s what you have to learn with this lab) see the examples in the lesson