How to Write Creative Assignments

Creative writing is one of the most open-minded and free-spirited assignments that students will ever face in their academic careers. All creative writing essays fall in the category of narration because it gives the student the freedom to express themselves as well as training them on how to stretch their imagination. Creative writing essays do not involve technicalities. These essays are among the first lessons that students are taught and they seem much easier.

When writing creative essays, the student must combine his experiences and imagination to formulate a coherent flow of information in the entire essay. You can use creative writing essay examples to see how it’s done. The creative essence of this essay suggests that the writer must come up with ideas that are connected. As such, the writer must use critical thinking skills on the topic they want to discuss. Therefore, this can be defined as a type of writing that reflects the non-fiction aspect of a topic that emphasizes the author’s point of view.

It is significant that the content of the creative writing essays embraces the element of truth as regards the choice of topic. Bibliographies and memoirs are some of the most common creative writing factions.
Creative essays describe atopic, explain diverse aspects of the topic, and delves deeper into its dynamics. The author must understand the non-fiction term since it helps him know what is expected of him. In other words, the content has to be true and not created. These essays are an account of a moment, an event, or an aspect that is true as told in the perspective of the author.
The best thing about creative writing essays is that there are no restrictions. You have to write a story that has an interesting plot as well as a compelling path. The instructor might at times narrow down the topic into a specific category, but you must create your own path in the writing process.

General pre-writing tips

Before you start working on your essay, you can consider the following steps:

  • Choose your subject
    This comes before anything else. You must set your telescope on the theme that interests you and would like to write about it. You do not have to be conversant with a topic, but you can select one that intrigues you and can teach you something.
  • Do some research
    Even though you might choose a subject that is apparently new to you, it is prudent to engage in some research. You will be able to unravel and carefully study more facts on the topic. The creative writing essay examples and creative writing essay topics that you get will also help a lot. The information you discover will be used in your creative writing essays. Feel free to use several sources and mix them together to come up with the best and fascinating story.
  • Plan your essay
    Your essay must answer the how, what, when, where, and who questions. You must introduce a precise setting to keep your audience engaged in the story from the onset. When you format your story ahead of time, you create room for a clear thought process as well as having an excellent preview of what to expect.
  • Keep a log of ideas
    It is important to keep a journal close especially during the time that you are no working on a story. Some time out of nowhere, ideas will flow into your mind and they can improve the style of your creative writing essays. Even though they might seem unfitting, jotting them down can mix two ideas that result in an exceptional essay.
  • Formulate a rough draft
    Focus on the flow of the information and write down some of your ideas in chronological order. Stay focused, read, and create time to reread your rough draft.
  • Arrange everything in the right order
    Go through your rough draft once again excluding all unwanted information. Once again, arrange your ideas chronologically and watch their flow. Use a transition to link one idea to the next. This ensures that your essay is clear and thought progression.
  • Start the writing process
    Once you have a satisfactory format, you get down to the real process of creatively writing your essay. As you progress, you might notice that the flow might be affected. That should not worry you since your outline is subject to change. It is an effective way of ensuring that the writing is still focused on your initial plan


Just like any other essay, creative writing essays follow the standard essay structure. It must have the introduction, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion. All these sections play a major role in the development of the ploy. The amount of difference that exists in essay formatting is quite large. However, the most commonly used procedure is the Oxford method that brings the 3-point stricture involving the setup, confrontation, and resolution.

  • The setup
    This is contained in the introduction and it establishes the characters and their relationships to each other. It gives the readers a chance to make inferences about plot development with the information laid out.
  • Confrontation
    This is written in the body and it is the turning point that the story must-have. In other words, it is the confrontation that turns the smooth sailing of the story into a stormy whirlwind. It can come out of nowhere or can be expected by clue-giving plot development. For instance, you can hint that things feel eerie and off in the plot but revert back to normal without interfering with anything major. You could also advance smoothly and change to something major abruptly, making the plot has a sharp turn.
  • Resolution
    Once you are away from the turning point, the drama in the story is slowly settling down but will kick up as you progress to reach a peak moment. This can be at the end of your story or it can be told somewhere at the beginning or in the middle. However, all this depends on the writer.

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