criminal critical 5

the crime analysis tool known as CompStat. Based on what you learned this week, respond to these questions:

  • New York claims crime has been reduced by 75% since CompStat was implemented. Can a management accountability program such as CompStat be the sole reason for the crime decreases? What could be the other reasons?
  • Law enforcement agencies tout the successes of CompStat in successfully reducing crime. However, when crime increases, how much accountability should the police and law enforcement organizations bear?
  • Do programs such as CompStat, which place increasing stress on commanders to reduce crime, undermine the integrity of the Crime Reporting systems?
  • In what ways might a program like CompStat create new problems while seeming to solve existing problems?
  • If you were the Chief of Police of a large American city, would you implement CompStat? Explain the reasons for your decision.

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page.

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