criminology article review



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Task: You will write a 2 to 3 page review of any research article contained in a refereed journal concerning criminology.

Do not write a summary of a book review. You should review an article containing original research. The article review

should be a summary of what the researcher(s) found concerning that particular article as well as the methodology used

to get at the information.


Length (2 to 3 pages, 650 to 1100 words)

4 pts


Margins and format

4 pts



Is it in MS Word, double-spaced?

Is the article from an acceptable journal?

6 pts


Included is the link to the article’s first page (i.e. abstract)

All papers must include a proper citation in the reference section. The citation should be as

follows: Author. Date. Title of the article.


, volume, issue, page numbers.

Grammar and organization

5 pts


(i.e. awkward sentences, poor transitions)


4 pts



22 pts


A description of the issue or topic presented

A description of the thesis, argument, or question raised by the author

A summary of the findings or examples used in the article

Your understandings of the conclusions drawn by the author

Your evaluation of the paper in explaining the problem or issue

Did I like and/or learn

something from your paper?