Critical Thinking Essay

Critical Task 2: Evaluation of Editorial Argument Module Five For this critical task, you will write a two- to

For this critical task, you will write a two to three-page paper. Complete the following steps: 


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1. Conduct research on the web for an editorial argument from a credible news source. The article should be clearly listed as an “editorial.” For example, you may choose an article from the Bloomberg editorials or Los Angeles Times editorials. 


2. Write a two- to three-page paper that includes:



a. A reference or link to the editorial website.



b. Your premises and the conclusion to the argument, using either diagramming or the P1, P2 . . . C structure given in the module exercises.



c. An evaluation of the argument for its overall strength: Is it clear, credible, relevant, complete, and sound?


Based on this evaluation, do you think the argument presented is a good one? Briefly explain why or why not.