Data Visualizations Lab Report

Data Visualizations Lab Report

Explore the data.

I want you to load the data, look through it, and then, make it tell a story! To do this, I want you to

  1. Really dig into what is there with all of the tools we have at our disposal.
  2. Sit down and write out what kind of story you want to tell. What do you want to learn from this data? Write out a paragraph. Or two!
  3. Sketch out any data visualizations you might want to make. With pencil and paper – just a theoretical example of what it might look like.
  4. Start a fresh .R file and, in comments, sketch out the steps you will take and what you will do.
    4a. Note, for all data viz, don’t just use defaults. Get creative. Make this look like something that we wouldn’t be surprised to find in a magazine or newspaper. Feel free to use alternate themes – even from ggthemes or other places. Google around.
  5. Once finished, move the code into a .Rmd file to create a nice, clean, HTMl file that tells a story. Show how you processed the data. and make the visuzliations.
  6. If you are a superstar, create a second story! Or dig into a different package – see for a partial list or google around – and see if it can be used to tell a different story.

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