Descriptive Research

Descriptive Research

Descriptive Research Name Course Instructor’s name Descriptive Research Introduction One significant achievement that I have made in my life was going back to school and achieving a higher education. I believe that education opens many doors and provides a list of endless opportunities. However the disheartening thing about education is there are thousands of children and students out there that don’t get the education that they deserve. School is not only about reading writing and understanding concepts but it is about socialization acceptance and finding out who you are. Countless times I have walked into an inclusion classroom and noticed the unintentional separation. Is this being caused by the teachers? Or is it caused by students? Do the interpreters have a part in it? Is it because they are just not educated on how to incorporate everyone? These endless questions I have asked myself time and time again provided Conclusion A classroom of both deaf and hearing students pose the challenge of ensuring that all students feel included. I will carry out a research on how teachers and students feel about the extra time taken for interpretation. Descriptive research is the most suitable because the study is concerned with behaviors and attitudes of individuals. Besides descriptive research would allow me to use surveys and observation to collect enough data. However there is a possibility of subjectivity in this research and care will be taken to minimize this. The research is important as its findings would motivate teachers to provide equal opportunities for students and encourage students to work together. References Baumfield V. Hall E. & Wall K. (2013). Action research in education. Los Angeles: Sage. Bordens K. & Abbott B. (2013). Research design and methods: A process approach (8th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. Neuman W. (2014). Social research methods. Harlow: Pearson Education. []

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Descriptive Research – Attached you will find a draft copy of the paper. Throughout the paper things bolded are things that need to be added. I would like someone to proofread what is already written and enhance vocabulary and use more technical terms. The paper needs to be organized and put into APA format. I need this back ASAP so would have to be worked on IMMEDIATELY. NEED IN 5-6 HOURS NY TIME!! must be familiar with Deaf Culture and the importance of ASL and equal communication

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