diagnostic and clinical reasoning paper assignment 2

Diagnostic and Clinical Reasoning Paper Assignment#2

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to expand the scope of your clinical documentation and your thought processes relative to complex patient care cases. From an ARNP perspective.

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  1. Select a patient encounter from your current clinical experience.( See attached Expanded SOAP notes and pick COPD)
  2. The patient encounter you select should be one of the more complex patient cases that you have experienced with your current clinical patient population. Given that you are to select complex cases, this assignment may not be completed for a ‘general health, well child, well woman, routine OB, routine physical exam (etc.)’ type of encounter.

NOTE: You will need to identify which patient encounter you are expanding your documentation ( COPD is the topic)

3. For this assignment you will utilize the same SOAP note format that you do for your Typhon encounters and expand your documentation. Construct this assignment ensuring that you adhere to the writing guidelines provided in the 6th edition APA manual.

I have attached the rubrics and instructions. Expanded soap notes . USE COPD or something not acute or urgent, I also included the the 1st Diagnostic assignment to use as a guide.