Discuss the term bowel diversion

Discuss the term bowel diversion

***Must be at least 250 words. APA format. And include in-text citations.


Patients who have problems related to elimination have both physical and psychosocial issues, and may encounter feelings of embarrassment when discussing their problems, and/or receiving care from the RN.

Initial Discussion Post:

Discuss the term bowel diversion.

What would be the physical and psychosocial health issues associated for a patient with a bowel diversion?

Present one (1) physical and one (1) psychosocial nursing diagnosis that would pertain to a person with bowel diversion.

Describe one (1) outcome for each diagnosis that would be realistic for the patient.

What nursing interventions could the registered nurse implement that would help attain the outcome?

Reflect on the care you would deliver to this patient and how you can present yourself to the patient that would provide a high level of respect.