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I am very much interested with your research area and in particular with this extraordinary background of the problem. It is well condensed and excellently articulated. Your topic is highly complex and intricate. The constructs are of many dimensions as I think. One important issue that scholars such as Quinn and Poirier (2007) underlined to be understood is, as the implementation of an effectively alternative schooling package philosophies highlight the educational perspective rather than the individual student that needs to be changed to manage learning differences among vulnerable students. Focusing on the program may be much productive than focusing on the student. I am not quite sure. The aggressive nature of these students could be linked to various reasons. One can mention the socio economic structure, family tradition, cultural, or psychological background. Even some may explain dropout problems to external factors while others think the way out as the development of considerate relationships with classmates, and educators( Bland, Church, Neill, & Terry 2008).I think the research outcome of such an issue is based on the researchers profession, world view or research methods. I thank you for sharing.

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