double entry notebook 3

I did part of this assignmnet (5 notes) and I need you to complete ,my work

You will use the Double Entry Journal Method of Taking Notes to submit 12-15 notes with your comments on, analysis of, and interpretation of those notes.

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You will need to include both direct quotes and paraphrases on the left side of your Double Entry Journal (with citations including author, title, and page number if there is one).

You may also include one or two summary notes, but no more than two.

You should plan on providing some information from each of your 5 sources, though you will probably find that 2-3 of your sources will provide more information than the others.

I will be looking for thoughtful and critical exploration on the right side of your Double Entry Journal where you provide your commentary and I will be looking for useful and specific notes on the left side of your notebook (you should plan to include both direct quote notes and paraphrased notes).