ECE 430 WEEK 3 Journal, Discusssion 1 and Discussion 2 – Early Childhood Education Capstone – Ashford

Week 3 – Discussion 1 In the Week 3 Case Study: Families, you will meet the families of the children in Mrs. Ashland’s class and learn about how Mrs. Ashland interacts with them to create a partnership that supports children’s social-emotional, behavioral and academic development. For this discussion, you will need to read the saying below and respond to the critical thinking prompts. Your response needs to demonstrate college level thought, content depth and writing. John C. Maxwell said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” What does this saying mean to you? How does the case study support this saying? Explain the importance of creating family partnerships and environments that support children’s social-emotional, behavioral and academic development. Provide an example from the case study that demonstrates each type of development. Discussion 2 Entering a classroom that is inviting is important, but entering a classroom that is stimulating and informative is also important, both for the students and the parents. Think about this week’s case study and what the parents and children experienced during the morning drop off routine. Based on the information presented in Chapter 7 regarding behavior, use Microsoft Word or another program of your choosing to create a classroom poster relating to behavior that examines common developmental behaviors, as well as strategies to encourage prosocial behaviors. Be sure your poster includes: a. The behavioral and emotional expectations characteristics for children at your chosen developmental stage (Toddler, preschool or primary) b. Ideas for encouraging prosocial behavior in the early childhood classroom c. Ideas for guiding children when their behavior is especially challenging and difficult Be creative with your poster, but also be sure to develop your content in a professional classroom manner. Be sure your poster includes a reference to the textbook to support your ideas. Journal Reflective Journal: Leadership, Professional Knowledge and Ethical Practice An important part of being an educator is reflection. Reflection is a learning process through which you use your experiences and knowledge to guide you in the future. Each week you will have the opportunity to use your journal to reflect on the content you have learned in this course and throughout your degree program. Specifically, you will reflect on the connections you see between each case study and two to three topics from the Program Comprehensive Exam. This week we will be focusing on leadership, professional knowledge and ethical practice. There are many elements in education that receive attention due to the controversies surrounding them (kindergarten readiness, play in preschool, curriculum approaches, technology in education, and universal pre-k). As a reflective practitioner, it is important to consider both sides and then form your beliefs using your knowledge and experiences. Take a few minutes to think about how the case study addresses these topics. The questions below may spark some ideas regarding leadership, professional knowledge and ethical practice. You do not need to address all the questions; instead, write down your thoughts as they unfold. Reflect on the following in your journal: • What is one prevalent issue in early childhood education today? Explain both sides of the debate regarding this issue. • What connections do you see between leadership, ethical practices, and professional knowledge regarding this debate? • How do you envision this issue impacting your future work with children? • Reflecting on the content presented in the case study, what are some areas where Mrs. Ashland faces adversity and must overcome challenges to meet the needs of her students and families? If you were facing similar challenges, how might you plan and proceed? Explain your thinking using justification, supporting details and critical thinking. Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your journal entries.



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