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Most developing nations have a high GDP per capita and advanced infrastructure.

True or False


In the first stage in economic development, a nation is _________.

a. takeoff

b. capital flight

c. primitive equilibrium

d. zero population growth


________ is an international organization that offers advice to all countries on monetary and fiscal policies.


B. World Bank

C. Private investments

D. International trade


___________ is a group of countries that have agreed to reduce trade barriers amongst themselves, but lack a common tariff barrier for non members.

a. A cartel

b. The IMF

c. The AESN

d. Free trade area


The adoption of the euro is optional for any nation in the world.

a. True

b. False


Which of the following was created from influences of the EU?

a. cartel

b. World Bank




__________ is an economic system in which private citizens own and use factors of production to generate profit.

a. Cartel

b. privatization

c. Collectivization

d. Capitalism


_________ economic, political, and social union established in 1993 by the Maastricht Treaty as the successor of the European Community.

a. European Union

b. IMF

c. World Bank

d. free trade area


To generate profit, some state owned factories can converge to private owned.

a. True

b. False


The facilitators of the Five-Year Plan were _________.

a. cartels

b. Gosplan


d. EU


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