english 1302

For this assignment, you’ll compile a list of sources you might lean on to do this semester’s work. The sources MUST relate directly to the issue you’ve described in your discussion post, and must adhere to the following guidelines: Four Academic Sources peer reviewed, taken from any of the wide range of databases our library offers Four Internet Sources news sites, non-profit sites, commercial sites Two Multimedia Sources Video, Film, Podcast, Radio, Television, etc FOUR Opinion-based Articles Most mainstream news sites contain opinion sections, but these can be drawn from any source you’d like–as long as they express a clear opinion about the issue you’re researching Your opinion-based sources should be evenly distributed on either side of the issue. In other words, think of this as finding two articles that agree, then two articles that disagree with the first two

List these on a Works Cited page according to MLA guidelines, and submit as a Word document before the deadline. This assignment is part of your participation/discussion grade, and will be graded on completion. Also, this assignment is designed to lay the groundwork for the Annotated Bibliography, so you’ll be using several of these sources next week.

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