Final Paper – Fictional Character

 Please read and understand!!

The Assignment
For this paper I want you to choose your favorite fictional character from literature, movies, or TV. Using the theories you have read about this semester, identify what type of ethical theory that character is. Here are some examples: Superman (in the original movie with Christopher Reeves) is a Kantian. His focus on doing his duty for the people of Metropolis makes him a Kantian because Kantianism is a duty-based ethic. He also refrains from immoral actions, which means he does not commit immoral acts to bring about moral acts, which is another feature of Kantianism. Thanos is a utilitarian. His decision to kill half the universe to save the other half means he will commit an immoral act to bring about a greater moral act. This is in keeping with the utilitarian ideal of producing the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. (I have not seen Endgame, but I have had at lease 20 papers on this topic!)

Grading Criteria
Please use MS Word (or whatever program you have). Margins 1” top, bottom, and sides. 10-point, Times New Roman Font. Your paper needs to be no less than one page (one page to me means you cover the entire page [headings do not count toward your paper length]). To be safe, you should write into the second page. Another good rule of thumb is to write 500 words.

Please consult your readings and the appropriate book/movie/TV show.