Flooding in Phoenix

Flooding in Phoenix

Flooding in Phoenix Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Name Tutor’s Name Date TO: Arizona State/City Government Policy Advisor Manager FROM: Arizona State/City Government Policy Advisor DATE: January 28 2018 SUBJECT: FLOODING IN PHOENIX ARIZONA In Phoenix Arizona arriving home to find floods in the basement is something that is common to many people. In periods of minor flooding some of the people locate the source and clean up the problem without further complications. Moreover in some situations the damage caused by the water lead to unseen problems which can have dire ramification. Some of the problems include water dripping through the ceilings and walls and finding its way into the electric cables or equipment. In some cases the flooding causes a fire due to the electricity exposed to water. The residents of the area can even notice that some of their appliances are no longer working. The flooding makes completion and disrupt or destroy the ongoing project (Selover 2016). Recommendations Construction of storm drains is the ideal option for reducing the effects of flooding in Phoenix. The construction of the storm drains is quite advantageous as it can guarantee protection from the flood in the area for a period of more than hundred years within the watersheds. The flood water will be directed towards one direction and probably into the ocean. This will avoid flooding in residential places and roads making life more sustainable in Phoenix. It is the only effective safety option because it provides a solution to the main problem of flooding. References Pfeiffer D. & Lucio J. (2016). Section 8 Renters in the Phoenix Arizona Flood Crisis: Implications of flooding. Flooding Policy Debate  26(2) 362-379. Selover N. (2016). Arizona–A State of Mild Temperatures as well as Extremes. Arizona’s Climate The CoCoRaHS ‘State Climates’ Series accessed October  27. []

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Imagine you are a state or city government policy adviser. The governor or city mayor has asked your boss to brief them on Flooding in Phoenix, Arizona. You need to develop a comprehensive policy memo that will give your boss: Clearly and concisely state the problem you are trying to tackle – Provide a summary of the current policy context / relevant background – Analyze the influence of the state or city legislature, the judicial system, and other agencies – Evaluate the influence of interest groups, political parties, and the media – Present a set of solutions to the problem for your boss to consider, including pro’s and con’s for each – Make a realistic recommendation of one of those options and provide further justification for why you are saying that option is the best.

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