For Madam-professor

This paper is due by March 24th — the sooner I can get it the better – this will give me time to review, work with you, finalize and get you payment


The instructions look long BUT you will see that in 2 sections you get to choose ONLY 1 to answer — I highlighted that.

The questions should all run in sequence like they are on the attached BUT BE IN BOLD – then the answers follow the question and are not in bold.



it is APA

An APA reference page must be included


for my subect — I would choose something about one of these topics:  something involving children, women or minorities; drug/alcohol abuse.. that type of thing.  I think it is important you know that so that you do not pick a peer article on something random that I would never write about.  If you find an article and are unsure PLEASE send me a message first. 


I will need a plagarism report- I understand that is extra- let me know how to get that after we are all done

After you submit the assigment to me – you answer questions for me?  revise?   how does this work.