Formulate well-reasoned conclusions and solutions

 Formulate well-reasoned conclusions and solutions

Analysis of Subject Relevant Information

Mike Ogbeide, Ilana Weltman (Coordinators of History) and Linda Baker (Librarian)

Objective of Activity:


Course outcomes addressed:

1.Create an argument through the use of historical evidence.

2.Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources.

3.Analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on this period of United States history


Lesson Plan Outline for Activity:

1. Class discussion over appropriate topic choices. Topic approved by instructor.

2. Class discussion led by the instructor and librarian:

· How to use library databases, as well as selecting appropriate sources via subject related sources.

· Distinctions between primary and secondary.

· Plagiarism: what is it and how to avoid it

· How to decipher the article details provided by a database that will be used to give credit to the article in NoodleTools. Ask each student to click on a sample article so the class can dissect the citation details of this article.

· Librarian will demonstrate how to use the article details when giving credit to this article in NoodleTools.

· How to read and paraphrase an article by reading the first paragraph and then paraphrasing it together.

· Optional Exercise: Look at several brief text examples found on the Library Guide to Plagiarism . Click on the “test paraphrase” examples. Discuss which are plagiarized and which sections of the text were plagiarized.

· Optional Exercise: Break the class into groups. Each group works through the interactive plagiarism examples to determine which are plagiarized, and for those that are, how are they plagiarized.

· Optional Exercise: Break the class into small groups. Each group paraphrases the next paragraph of the sample article.

· How to professionally present information in an APA style paper, guided by the following points of discussion over components of the Research Paper:

· Title Page: How do you present yourself professionally?

· Abstract: How to write an abstract and what should be included.

· Content: How to paraphrase information. When and how to use in-text citations.

· Conclusion: How does the information presented in this article compare to what you’ve read in your textbook, read on eCampus, or discussed in class on this topic? What was left out of the research that should have been included? What additional research should be conducted?

· References: Why is this page important?

3. Assignment:

· Part 1: Student will select and then submit a topic to their instructor.

· Students will research approved topic. Students will give credit to sources by creating citations in NoodleTools. Librarians will check sources and add comments for citation correctness.

· Students will submit Noodletools (with librarian comments) in eCampus.

· Part 2: Students will write a 6 page APA style paper, utilizing a minimum of 5 sources (including both primary and secondary sources).

· Students will submit a draft paper in eCampus via SafeAssign. Instructor will add comments for suggested updates.

· Students will submit a final paper in eCampus via SafeAssign.

4. Supporting materials:

· Library Guide to Evaluating Sources

· Library Guide to Plagiarism:

· Library Guide to History Assignments

· Deciphering Database Details

· NoodleTools: Creating APA Citations

· APA Paper Requirements & Rubrics

· History Research: Step by Step Directions

· Sample APA History Paper

Web Links for Instructor Preparation for Activity:

Library Guide to Evaluating Sources

Library Guide to Plagiarism:

Library Guide to History Assignments


Web Links to Access During Activity:

Note to instructor: Please check the link prior to classroom use… if there is any problem with the link, report to the contributor(s) of this activity as soon as possible

Library Guide to Evaluating Sources

Library Guide to Plagiarism:

Library Guide to History Assignments

NoodleTools & Sources Rubric (TOTAL: 30 points)

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