Globalization and the Value Chain business and finance homework help

1.The purpose of this Assignment is for you to evaluate the impact of globalization on the value chain by applying elements from the Contemporary Value Chain model and additional decision-making factors.
2. Write an APA formatted 4–6 pages paper, exclusive of the Title and References pages.
3. In your paper, address the following requirements using the directions included within the Unit 4 Assignment template.
4. Write your paper using third person perspective (do not use first or second person pronouns; (e.g. “I”, “me”, “you”, “we”).
5. In your paper, apply the 21 elements from the Contemporary Value Chain model, plus additional decisionmaking factors (all listed below) to evaluate the impact of globalization on a value chain. Here is the list of considerations that need to be addressed in the paper; all are related to the ultimate goal to earn customer value (includes customer delight and profitability). Within each element, describe what decisions may need to be made, for what reason, by whom, for what reason and how the elements are interrelated.
21 Value Chain Elements

1. Budgeting 2. Competitive advantage 3. Corporate social responsibility 4. Culture 5. Customer need 6. External resources 7. Financial 8. Goals 9. Idea generation 10. Information management 11. Infrastructure 12. Leadership 13. People – human resources 14. People – customers 15. People – shareholders 16. Political (external) 17. Political (internal) 18. Product development 19. Strategy 20. Supply chain management 21. Technological considerations

6. Include a conclusion summarizing the paper’s content without introducing any new information.
7. Support your response’s content with at least three separate applied and cited references.

I have also attached a template to follow on how the paper should reflect***

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