Health Education Event Reaction Paper help

Guidelines for Health Education Event Reaction Paper


Participate in a health-education related event (e.g. webinar, class, workshop, conference) and write a reflection paper that addresses the items below:

OR: Watch a health-related Ted Talk(This is easier and prefered) and write a reflection paper that addresses the items below:

  • Introduction– Give a brief description the presentation/program and include your reasons for choosing this activity.Summarize briefly and clearly.
  • Identify what you did and list the source.For example:
    • Title of documentary, channel, date- Food for Thought on HBO, Monday, Aug 5th.
    • Title of presentation and location- Carrying your Backpack, in West Village
    • List conference name and session(s) attended- SOPHE Annual Meeting- “Meeting 21st Century Challenges in Health Education”
  • Main Points: Critically examine and summarize your experience and feelings.
    • Who conducted the program/presentation?
    • Was the program well organized? What did you like/not like?
    • Overall, do you feel the program met the intended goals?
    • Did you perceive any biases in the presentation/program? If so, what were they?
    • Which health education Areas of Responsibility and/or competencies were met by this program/presentation?
    • Describe three (3) things you learned through this experience, and how they can be applied to your personal and/or professional life. This should be the main part of your paper.

Papers should be 2-3 pages in length, must be carefully written, adhere to APA guidelines, double spaced and typed in 10 -12 font size with 1-1.5’ margins.

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