Health Effect of Air Pollution in Nigeria Essay

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As we started doing air pollution in Nigeria and we have the out line. Now we need to finish that assignment.

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In your introduction, briefly describe your issue or topic. Also, provide epidemiological information on the following: morbidity and mortality among the specific group, community, or country. Next section will be your methods, in which you describe keywords and how you conducted your literature review. Then, in your discussion section, discuss at least three interventions published in the scholarly literature to address the crisis in a country of your choice. Evaluate the progress and outcomes of such prevention programs. Describe the intervention (e.g. target audience, experimental/control group, intervention methods and materials, intervention outcomes) Assess the methods used in the intervention (e.g. level of the intervention, strengths and weaknesses of the intervention, potential impact/generalizability of the intervention). Conclusion offers a good wrap-up of everything discussed wherein!

E.g. Access to water in Kenya. Approximately 11% of the world’s population does not have access to safe or affordable drinking water; unfortunately, 46% of the population continues to have inadequate access to quality water in Kenya. Some interventions addressing this issue include: water kiosks, household water pumps, rock catchments, and boreholes. One program was implemented in Nairobi, Kenya …. It was successful because… Another program was implemented in Kitui, Kenya… It was unsuccessful because…

Submit a 3-5 page paper outlining the information below.

Include in your Assessment Paper:

  • Abstract.
  • Introduction to the topic of choice (one paragraph).
  • Answer all questions pertaining to your topic in Discussion section. Your methods section is also included in these points.
  • Conclusion- summary of overall research, quality, and potential recommendations you would (or would not) make regarding this global health issue.
  • Reference page (include at least 7 references primarily from peer-reviewed journals); exclusive of 3-5 page paper requirement.
  • APA format, grammar, structure, effort, overall professionalism of paper.