Health Literacy Goal

Health Literacy Goal


Students will use
appropriate controlled vocabulary to navigate subject/discipline-specific
databases, identify gaps in information gathered, and employ alternative search
tools—including bibliographies and citations to find additional materials.


Summary of


Week 2 – select a topic of interest – I have selected CERVICAL CANCER


select a secondary source article on
your topic to summarize and discuss related to the chapter topic of the week.


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 – select a primary
source article
 on your topic


summarize and discuss that applies the concepts/vocabulary in the


for each week.


8/9 – write your paper (5-7 pages EXCLUDING title page and citation page) APA format


9 – hand in your paper for possibility of full credit


10 – hand in your paper for possibility of credit up to a B+


papers accepted after Week 10.


11 – if online, present your paper findings to the class on the discussion


onsite – the professor will inform you as to presentation times/dates




Researchers begin with an
interest in some aspect of the world
” (Shi, 2008, p. 34).


are going to combine your homework (onsite) or discussion board assignments
(online) during weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 to form the basis of your final
research paper. We are “killing two birds with one stone.” Follow the instructions here and you will be
SO happy in Week 8.


By Week 2, select an area of research that
interests you. Some examples of interest could be Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple
Sclerosis, the lived experience of minority groups such as LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,
Bisexual, Transgendered) college students, diabetes development in Latino or
Caribbean populations, etc.  You can
select an area of interest in which you will find research based upon what
interests you, however your selection MUST be approved by the professor as no
two projects can be alike, so select early!


Procedure:  In
week 2 you will select a secondary
 article about your topic to begin to get an overview of its scope
and some of the current efforts. In weeks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, you will select
primary source article which
addresses the OCR chapter of
the week’s focus. Review the library references posted in our class course
information section to learn more about primary and secondary sources.


example, if your topic is osteoporosis and our chapter topic of the week is
meta-analysis, you will search for and locate as your homework (if online, for
the discussion board), an article that is a meta-analysis of the scientific
literature to date on osteoporosis. Start your search using your topic word,
e.g. osteoporosis and the vocabulary/focus of the week, e.g. osteoporosis and
meta-analysis.  See the list in course
information of what you are to look for each week.


research should be not older than 3
 as a lot happens in science over time. Use our library resources
and our librarians to help you find your article for the week.


week, you will remember to look at the bibliographies and other citations in
your articles to find other related sources. We will learn to do this online as
well by looking at retrieved journal articles and examining the layout of the
article and its sources online.


week, you will complete a summary of the article you have found including the
relevant vocabulary for the week’s chapters/readings. You will provide proper
MLA citation format for the summary. You will give your professor a direct link
to the article and/or a copy of your article. If online, you will discuss the
article on the discussion board. If onsite, you will follow the professor’s
direction each week concerning this assignment.


these summaries in a folder on your computer AND on a flashdrive. This is where
the good part comes in.



In Week 8:  Write your paper using all the sources you
found in weeks 2-7. You will already have done the research for your final
paper while learning the vocabulary of research in health services and while
learning how to do excellent research yourself!



Hand in
your paper in Week
 for the possibility of 100% credit. Papers handed in beginning Monday of Week 10
have a 10% per day penalty.


your paper in the link in the Final Paper Folder. Please use Mozilla Firefox or
Google Chrome as your brower choices. Please call the helpdesk at extension
1540 if you need help. I am not the geek squad. Don’t send me an e-mail about
tech issues. I can’t fix it.




You will
present an overview of your paper if online on the discussion board in Week 11.





65 points maximum for content quality. This
paper should elevate the reader’s knowledge of your topic in a clear manner.
Your paper should discuss:


basis for the new information (why did they do this or look into this)


it was researched and confirmed (what did the researchers do to test their
theory or product to assure it will do what they claim)


status or implementation in the United States (is it the new standard of care?
are only some physicians supporting it? If so, what percentage are using it.)


conclusions on the benefits or lack of benefit for this new addition to our
health care arsenal


maximum for


pages [Excluding cover page and reference page(s)]


Word software application must be used to create the document.


or Times New Roman font, 12 point, double-spaced; one inch and a quarter
(1.25”) margins maximum are to be used: top, bottom, left, and right


grammar and spelling (US English)


numbers should be shown in the upper right corner header


must begin with an introduction and end with a summary


follow MLA format. Cover page must include paper title, course code and title,
instructor’s name, student’s name, and date submitted.


maximum for
references used


A minimum
of five credible references, in addition to your course textbook, must
be presented on a separate reference page, correlating to the proper MLA format
citations within the paper’s body.


references include: textbooks; government and professional websites; interviews
with current working health information management professionals; journal
articles from peer reviewed journals, etc.


include some discussion of your sources’ reliability, for example, is this
information from a peer reviewed journal? Is this a reliable website (e.g. org,
edu, vs. com)? etc. This is the information literacy component of this project.


Using another person’s words (written or oral), thereby claiming the work as
your own original work by direct statement or implication by not providing
proper references and citations is against the law, against this school’s
policies, and is punishable by: automatic failure of the assignment; failing
the course; and possible dismissal from the school. Plagiarism is unethical and
illegal and will not be tolerated. If I suspect plagiarism, I will upload your
paper into Safe Assign to check. A score of 25% or more plagiarized will result
in a zero for the assignment.


QUESTIONS: Please do not hesitate
to contact me with any questions, discussion about direction or research for
this assignment at any time. The school librarians are also available to help