HHS 497 Health & Human Services WK4-D2

 Using Theory in Human Services Organizations    

Prepare: Prior to beginning this discussion, read Chapter 6 of Making Strategy Count in the Health and Human Services Sector. Chapter 5 is a recommended reading, as it provides some additional context to organizational change. 

Reflect: As you recall from Chapter 6 of the  textbook, the Sanctuary Model reflects one method that integrates theory  into the scope of effective change within organizational cultures. In  this second discussion forum for the course, you will expand your  understanding of one of the theories identified in the chapter  (Constructivist Self-Development Theory, Burnout Theory, Systems Theory,  or Valuation Theory of Organizational Change) though analysis and  application. Review the main features, characateristics, assumptions,  etc. that pertain to the theory of your choice.

Write: Imagine that you are an administrator leading  a human services organization that is experiencing a number of  challenges, such as high turnover among staff, poor lines of  communication between employees, and overall low level of employee  satisfaction with the current organizational culture. Describe this  fictional organization (e.g., what it aims to do, and the clients you  work with, etc.) and  evaluate the impact that these issues may have on  the delivery of services that are rendered. Select one of the four  theories noted in Chapter 6 (Constructivist Self-Development Theory,  Burnout Theory, Systems Theory, or Valuation Theory of Organizational  Change) and discuss how you might apply it to these issues. How would  you utilize it to make positive change? What obstacles or barriers might  you encounter when making changes to your organization?