How dependent is the Usa economy on immigrant?

How dependent is the Usa economy on immigrant?

Name Course Professor Institution Date How Dependent is The United States Economy on Immigrants? Well analyzed information be it from reputable sources or non-partisan sources have continued to point to the fact that immigrants are among the keys pillars that support the economy of the United States. The labor they offered be it in the vital industries important to the economy as those of agriculture or the other sectors are significant (Light 207). Researchers and leading economists have been keen to show that the role they play is sensitive despite the fact that they may be even illegal. As per the facts stipulated from the finding of QuickFacts the natives who are the whites have always made a significant percentage of the entire population in the United states. The whites alone have been seen to increase in population say from July 2015 where their percentage was 77.1 percent of in the country and already in the state. Economists have always stood in the view that the implications which come with the presence of immigrants in the United States are broadly positive. Whether the skilled or not skilled legal or illegal the immigrants are unlikely to entirely replace the native Americans in the labor force setup making up the United States. Despite the conditions that come with immigrants for example the upfront costs that are incurred by the natives statistics point to net positive returns to the investments made in the long run. Works Cited Light Ivan. “Immigrant and ethnic enterprise in North America.” Ethnic and racial studies 7.2 (1984): 195-216. QuickFacts Arizona. “US Census Bureau.” Internet Website: http://quickfacts. census. gov (accessed 22 May 2009) (2008). Portes Alejandro and Julia Sensenbrenner. “Embeddedness and Immigration: Notes on the social determinants of economic action.” American journal of Sociology 98.6 (1993): 1320-1350. []

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How dependent is USA economy on immigrant? (EVERYTHING FOCUS ON DATA) – what kind of jobs that immigrants usually choose? – % employers have skill and % employers unskill – Where do the immigrants come from? – Which parts in the US they choose to live?

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