How does Social media impact our life positively and negatively?

How does Social media impact our life positively and negatively?

Institution: How Does Social Media Impact Our Lives Positively and Negatively? Name: Professor: Course: Date: Abstract The Social media can be explained to be a platform that uses computer technologies to share information and ideas. People with common interests can form virtual communities on social media where they can share their interests and encourage one another. Some of the most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook Twitter Instagram Viber and the WhatsApp amongst many others (Acred 2015). Social media users get access to these platforms by the use of web-based technologies either on their mobile phones tablets or a desktop computer. In the recent times almost everyone is a social media platform. As users social media affects our lives both positively and negatively. The research to be carried out should explore the factors that have made so many people start using social media the positive and negative impacts we lived in and made them a better place for our existence. The use of social media has both positive and negative impacts on our lives and both have to be embraced (Wellesley 2015). The positive impacts should be made increased while ways to finish the negative impacts are being sought to make social media platforms good for all. Works Cited Top of Form Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form Top of Form Acred Cara. Social Media. Cambridge: Independence 2015. Print. Bryfonski Dedria. The Global Impact of Social Media. Detroit MI: Greenhaven Press 2012. Print. Harvey Kerric. Encyclopedia of Social Media and Politics. Los Angeles: SAGE Reference 2014. Internet resource. Healey Justin. Social Impacts of Digital Media. Thirroul N.S.W: Spinney Press 2011. Print. Wellesley Mary. “Social Media.” Apollo. (2015): 114-115. Print. Bottom of Form Bottom of Form Bottom of Form []

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The research paper is a term paper in which the student chooses a sociologically relevant topic to analyze. At least three peer-reviewed journal articles are required; only 1 non peer-reviewed resource is acceptable. Within the research paper, use at least one sociological perspective as the theoretical framework. The paper must be written well, cogent and sociologically relevant. The total length is 6-7 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman or Arial size 12-font. Included sections are the cover page, abstract, literature review, analysis using a sociological perspective, conclusion and works cited. The student must also submit their proposed research question and the motivation by Sept 20; the resources are due by Nov 1. I will accept a final hardcopy and electronic draft as .pdf by Dec 13. Late submissions for the research question and peer-reviewed journal articles may receive point deductions. Missing a hard or electronic copy may result in a 20% overall deduction. I may check for plagiarism; no late research papers are accepted.

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