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Medicine therapy describes taking medications for treatments of a condition like heart disease. Medical therapy is a combination with a nutritious diet, exercise, and no smoking to improve the heart and quality of life. Complementary medicine is a treatment that works alongside with standard medicine. Alternative medicine is a treatment that is used instead of standard medical treatment, for example, this would be using a special diet instead of getting certain kinds of treatments. As a Christian I think both complementary and alternative can work together. With me being a Christian I would lean more towards alternative medicine because I am all about natural remedies and I think with the alternative you are more so changing your eating habits and using natural ways to get better. I don’t see much wrong with commentary medicine either because sometimes some conditions are so bad that you might have to take medicine and till do some alternative things like changing diets and exercising. It has been proven that what we eat is really the cause of most our problems that we are being faced with so if we change our diets and be consistent with it we can make it take the alternative route. As Christians when we are told not so pleasing news we should trust that God will get us through whatever it is but we have to make wise decisions when the doctors give us options and if alternative is an option pray about it and do your research to make sure it has been medically proven to work and go for it.


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150-200 words either agreeing disagreeing or relating to the students response

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