Human Trafficking, persuasive essay help

I have done the essay however my professor does not think it is persuasive enough. So here are some points to add to this essay. Please revise my essay and to it what she needs, or if you feel like doing a different paper with some of the information I have provided that is fine as well. 

You could argue that the government needs to devote more money and resources to stopping it, then support your argument by explaining how prevalent it is, how many cases were prosecuted and how many cases were are never caught. You could compare the human costs of trafficking to other issues the government focuses on and argue that this is just as or more important. 

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Here are some steps to follow:

  • Introductory paragraph, including a clear, concise thesis state states your argument on the issue.
  • Body paragraphs that include support for your thesis that is based on research, not personal opinion or personal experience. You should include cited evidence from research in every body paragraph. You can have as many supporting body paragraphs as you want.
  • One paragraph of counterargument, including research, and your rebuttal of the counterargument.
  • Concluding paragraph that briefly restates the reasons you gave to support your thesis