humanities 1301

Essay Directions: Answer the questions below in a specific and detailed paragraph of at least ten-to-twelve focused sentences. All responses must be college-level in style and content. Each question is worth 20 points.
1. One feature of the Carolingian period was the central place of monasticism. Why was monasticism exceptionally suited to a time when there was little urban life? What could the monasteries provide for people that was not readily available in a more rural society? Be specific and detailed.
2. A good deal of medieval education utilized dialectics. What does that word mean? Where do dialectics, broadly understood, find their usefulness today? Be specific and detailed.

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3. Describe Giotto’s contribution to the history of painting and compare him to his predecessors. Be specific and detailed.

Has to be MLA format

No outside sources

Can only use text book for refrence

Cultures and Values: A survey of humanities Vol.1 9th edition by Lawernce S. Cunningham