Information policy advocacy

Students are required to: Create a mind/concept map (or other graphical tool) to illustrate the key issues in their manifesto Develop & refine their arguments Source data/evidence to support their own arguments Source suitable case studies where possible Extract key points about the target issue Source supportive stances/viewpoints from existing interest groups, where possible Anticipate potential arguments from the opposing side Develop counter arguments to rebut the anticipated arguments of the opposing side Identify potential positive & negative outcomes from the respective pro/con arguments Prepare your materials for your proposal Do some background research on debating techniques, eg:books in HKU Library, at 808.5 & find some online resources & advocacy Topic 2: The Hong Kong government should more closely monitor citizens’ behavior to enhance civil harmony. An increase in security cameras with facial recognition software will reduce the risk of crimes and other undesirable activities References are needed (APA format) about 2000 words