Information Technology Outsourcing: Changing the Workplace

Information Technology Outsourcing: Changing the Workplace

Effects of Increased use of Cloud Computing Name of Student Institution Effects of increased use of cloud computing Cloud computing has enabled ubiquitous access to high-level services that has rapidly been provisioned with minimal management and effort over the internet. Cloud computing has facilitated faster communication in businesses. Business organizations and individuals access affordable and enhances business communication that was previously out of reach. It offers faster communications with a wide range of options thus eases the move to a centralized model which is used by many companies. The technology reaches many people how the student pay their school fees are stored and are readily accessed by the members of the school staff when need be. RESEARCH PLAN: The draft contains my personal views on the effects of cloud computing. The information on the social economic and educational impact is well developed. However continuous use of computers causes computer vision problems. I therefore wonder if cloud computing technology can be used to solve the computer vision problem. I will research thoroughly on the problems such as usability security and appropriate programming abstractions for computer vision problems. []

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Hello please see the attached file for details. This is an Essay Research plan. The sample is included. If excepted more work to come. Thank you, Daniel

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