Interactive whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards

Grant Proposal Student Name Course name University Statement of need An interactive whiteboard (IWB) is used in presentations where it is used to project images text and other media from a computer through a projector. Students with learning difficulties benefit from this technology since they can directly manipulate the information displayed with a pen tool their fingertip or an erasable pen. Students with special needs are easily distracted and often lose attention in normal classes and this often leads to poor performances (Oliver & Reschly 2010). They therefore need a tool to enhance their learning by making it more interesting and easy. In Bright Star School the interactive learning boards are needed since they have special capacities to accommodate students with special needs and help them overcome the challenges they face due to physical and mental disabilities. The performance of these students has been below that of average in text books and it is one of the reasons why students with special needs lack motivation to read the books. References Beeland Jr W. D. (2002). Student engagement visual learning and technology: can interactive whiteboards help?. Burden K. (2002). Learning from the bottom up–the contribution of school based practice and research in the effective use of interactive whiteboards for the FE/HE sector. The Earth Centre Doncaster  21. Carter A. (2002). Using interactive whiteboards with deaf children. Hennessy S. Deaney R. Ruthven K. & Winterbottom M. (2007). Pedagogical strategies for using the interactive whiteboard to foster learner participation in school science. Learning media and technology  32(3) 283-301. Oliver R. M. & Reschly D. J. (2010). Special education teacher preparation in classroom management: Implications for students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Behavioral Disorders  35(3) 188-199. Sweller J. & Chandler P. (1994). Why some material is difficult to learn. Cognition and instruction  12(3) 185-233. []

Order Description:

grant proposal for interactive whiteboards. due date 2/16 attachment is an example of grant proposal

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