Karyotyping Assignment


Mapping of chromosomes is called as Karyotyping. The biologists who study the chromosomes and the anomalies are cytogeneticists and the study is called as cytogenetics.

I want you to go to this website and play with it. You have to match all the 23 pairs of chromatids and get to this page as follows. In this discussion, I want you to post a picture of completed karyotype and discuss on following questions: Is it a karyotype of a female or a male? Name one disorder which has abnormal number of chromosomes What would be the cause of the disorder; is it genetic, the mother’s age, and some other reason. Explain. As earlier, please post your comments for two other discussions to earn full points of this discussion.

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Karyotyping: https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/basics/karyotype/