Read the attached article on training and periodization for the triathlon: TriathlonPeriodization.pdf

1. Explain how the the principles of exercise training are applied when preparing for a triathlon (Ex: individuality, specificity, reversibility, progressive overload, variation/periodization, overtraining, tapering).

2. Which of these principles may pose a problem for triathletes and which principles might naturally complement the triathlete? Explain your reasoning.

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Read the attached articles on the health benefits of various forms of exercise:




3. Should one form of exercise (resistance/aerobic) be favored for the general, adult population for the goal of improving health and protection against disease? Explain your answer.


  • Due Thursday (11:59pm)
  • Minimum 300 words
  • Rely on peer-reviewed reading (text/research) as primary source of evidence